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Why do my fish have white spots?

We’ve been treating them with Fungus Clear, but it has not been helping. Welost another discus last night.I’ll do a PWC and treat the 30 gal hospital tank with the Methylene Blue.
The two Golden discus are acting okay and eating but the white spots are still visible. The White discus keeps tipping over as if he’s looking athimself through the glass bottom. I can’t tell if he’s doing that (looking at himself) or if he is getting worse.
How much salt per gallon to use?

White Spot
1.The white spot will not be cleared in one or two days
2.At least one week. I suggest you do it for ten days
3.Though you killed the parasite in 7 days, the remaining eggs will hatch out and continue
4.To treat white spot you must have patience
5.Methylene Blue is the best and safe
6.Salt 100 liters of water – 1 tablespoonful
7.The color of water should be blue in color8.NO FEEDING: You are going to kill the fish if you do that because you are feeding and producing the white spot as well
9.Do not change water, as you will stress the fish
10.If water is dirty, you can siphon the dirt out. Only ΒΌ.

What are your fish doing?
1.What would you do if ants bite you?
2.You feel itchy. You scratch
3.Exactly how your fish feel
4.Experience breeders know what happen when the fish is rubbing an object
5.Treat them at once you would have no chance to see the adult white spots.

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