Illness Symptoms : Sudden bloated / large stomachs then death

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After my bi-weekly water change, 2 of 6 Discus suddenly developed large, distended stomachs. These 2 fish quite literally ‘popped’ and they died. The other 4 discus are not eating and are
discolored since the water change 5 days ago.
My water change was different from my normal one in that, this time I changed nearly 50% (instead of my usual 25%). I added my normal tap water conditioner (which should eliminate chlorine poisoning, right?)
This time, I also added 2 new water treatments … Tetra “Blackwater” and a white algae control powder. Would these treatments, or the chlorine in the new water, account for these deaths?
Some other small, (community fishes) in the tank also died. I’ve checked my pH and Nitrate levels and they are both at very good levels.
My tank dimensions are 60 x 24 x 24.

Necessary precaution you should bear in mind when you change water.
1.Check the in coming water with the chlorine tester.
So you know the concentration of chlorine at this moment.
Sometimes chlorine nil. The water conditioners you apply vary all the time.
The amount of water you change (25% or 50%) does not matter. You can even change 100% (We always do).
2.After you have topped up the water, add the water conditioners gradually.
Check the water with the chlorine tester every time you add in the water conditioners.
Until you are satisfied and make sure there is no more chlorine.

Blackwater & White algae control powder.
I don’t know why you need these treatments. They can do well in our tap water without this two items. The white algae control powder is very poisonous. It kills plants and fish. You should handle this very carefully. Slightly overdose you would landed with disappointment.
To control the algae growth you play around with the lighting.

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