Intestinal flagellates or tapeworm?

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I have a blue striped discus fish which has been unhappy for about 1 week now. He has changed to a very dark colour and wants to hide and he also has had this white stringy excreta coming away so I went to a very good aquarium shop and they gave me bloodworms and an internal worming solution to give to the discus. Because he isn’t eating at all I don’t know if any of the medication has been absorbed through his gills. This morning I noticed a very long white excreta coming away and don’t know if this is possibly a tapeworm or not. The aquarium shop said to treat him every 3 days for 7 days. Could you please tell me if there is anything else I can do for him and if once the tapeworm (if it is one) has passed will he pick up? Thank you for your help Very concerned discus owner.

1. When discus fish turn into dark color, definitely she is sick.
2. The white stringy thing, I think it must be worms.
3. If you have applied de-worming solution, it should be ok.
4. Once you do the de-worming treatment, you don’t feed her.
5. No feeding. Keep the water clean. The solution must remain in the water for three days. Raise the temperature to 30 degrees C.
6. On the third day before changing water you can feed her.
7. After changing water, repeat the same treatment again.
8. If you have other fish in the same tank I think they must be affected. So treat all the fish at the same time.
9. I suggest you do the de-worming every month.

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