Jebao DC-12000 DC Return Pump for Aquarium

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Jebao DC-12000 DC Return Pump for Aquarium

These brand new DC pumps provide an energy preserving alternative when you look at the submersible pump line-up! DC Powered: Running on 24VDC, these pumps utilize over 50percent lower than various other submersible pumps, which also means less temperature transfer! Controllable: functions a 6 speed operator with 10 moment feed mode. Sluggish Start Mode: These pumps also function a slow start-up mode, when power is put on the pump, the circulation will slowly ramp up to full-speed in about a moment. Forget about splashing into the tank from an full on stream of

  • High performance engine with development electronics and power conserving around 50per cent
  • automated power-off necessary protein upon no water
  • Super calm Operation
  • Can working in Marine and Fresh Water
  • Soft begin operation – pump slowly builds to set movement price

List Price: $ 199.99 Price:

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