KEDSUM® AC85V-265V 120W 2CH White/Blue Full Spectrum Aquarium Light

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KEDSUM® AC85V-265V 120W 2CH White/Blue Full Spectrum Aquarium Light

Input voltage AC85V-265V

Freqency range 50HZ-60HZ

Tatal harmonic distortion≤9%

Power factor>0.98

LED Working voltage DC30-36V

LED Quantity: 40PCS

LED Consumption 108W

System Consumption 118W

LUX Height 0.4M 32400LUX

Height 0.6M 23600LUX

Height 0.8M 14500LUX

Lumen : 3900 Lumen

PAR Average: Height 0.4M 330

Height 0.6M 242

Height 0.8M 186

Coverage Height 0.4M

S=0.46 M2

Height 0.6M

S=0.65 M2


  • Use High standard device with Bridgelux, Epiled chipset. Strong light output, over 360PAR/30cm. Full spectrum, 14000k/Royal blue improve development of coral plus reef. Really quiet enthusiast, utilize heat sink because case, sturdy heat dissipation ability.
  • Product character:Use imported chipset Bridgelux. Epiled because light source, with excellent light efficiency, low decay, excellent brightness, over 50000 hours. Wide input voltage vary from 86~264VAC, continual active force supplier to avoid flash. throughout unstable inputing Voltage. High light output,high PAR value, 360PAR/0.3M Utilize heat sink because case, really sturdy heat dissipation ability. Beautiful appearance, high level Texture. Environmental friendly, no IR, Hg Hazardous Substances, Radiation, heat seldom provide pollution.With specialized device arrangement , appealing view whenever light.Device is customized according to customer’s need.

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