Kids Aqua Little Mermaid Ocean Aquarium (Complete Set Up with Filter plus Light)

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Kids Aqua Little Mermaid Ocean Aquarium (Complete Set Up with Filter plus Light)

New Kids AquaTM Kids Fish tank

The Kids Aqua Little Mermaid Aquarium is the newest stage inside the development of kids design Aquariums!
It’s a amazing method to enjoy plus grow a hot pastime! Makes a perfect starter fish Tank for those aquarist.

Roll out the red carpet plus Get prepared to obtain royalty with this Kids Aqua Kids Aquarium. See how a small females face brightens up whenever they reach see this newly crafted Aquarium specifically produced for a small 1 like them. They earned,t receive enough seeing their fish swimming inside the their own water globe they created. Watch because the small ones creativeness grows because they develop creativity plus appreciation for sea existence.
Start Up Kit Includes:
1.Filter program with Build inside Powerhead plus Accessories
2. Lighting System (Light Bulb Included)
3. Fish Net
4. 2 Air Stones
5. Dual Air Pump
6. Air Connectors (Utilize Just when Needed)
7. Star Air Decoration
8. 2 Blue Decoration Plants
9. 1 pink Decoration Plant
10. Floating Glass Magnetic Cleaner
11. Aquarium Thermometer
12. 2 Silicone Air tubes

Lighting System:
1. Light Bulb Included

Filter System:
1. 2 Dual Filter Sponges
2. Carbon Filter with Bag

Materials: All Materials selected inside every Fish tank has plastic which meets plus surpass ACSC (American Consumer Safety Commitee) Safety policies plus have been tested for cause confirm the childs Safety.
Workmanship: Every Kids Aquariums is inspected by the manufacture before packed plus test to insure its highest standard..
Safety Guidelines: This product conforms to the protection specifications utilized plus accepted by the U.S. government as well as the U.S marketplace.Click for more information.
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  • Includes Start Up Kit
  • Cabinet with Mermaid Design
  • 17 Gallon Glass Aquarium tank
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Lighting plus fliter program Included

List Price: $ 429.99 Price:

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