KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Light – 3-Gallon

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KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Light - 3-Gallon
Easy to Set Up
Ideal Night Light
Ideal Starter Aquarium

This 3 gallon aquarium kit comes with multi-color LED lights – 4 hues with 10 different color combinations plus blending light effects which actually bring a aquarium to lifetime. Full filtration with undergravel filter plus air pump which usually keep a aquarium crystal well-defined. Because the light plus filtration come with all the tank, there is quite small you will want to be concerned regarding buying individually. Each aquarium kit comes with API water conditioner plus fish food to advertise healthy fish keeping.

Perfect for Home, Office, or Dorm

For beginners by advanced fanatics, this aquarium may enhance any space, dorm, or workplace. Simple to set up plus effortless to keep.

Energy Efficient

This breathtaking desktop aquarium additionally involves stamina effective LED light which brightly illuminates tank inhabitants without the expense plus heat transference of different traditional aquarium light.

Enjoyable to Watch

People of all ages enjoy hunting at aquariums. Aside within the belief which an aquarium is gorgeous, various equally feel which having an aquarium is relaxing, worthwhile, along with a remarkable conversation part all simultaneously.

Impact-Resistant Acrylic

This top-quality plastic aquarium with seamless construction offers panoramic watching without unsightly silicone seams.

White, Red, Green, & Blue Colors
Easy to Set Up

The instructions are simple to adhere to plus many shoppers write rave ratings regarding having an aquarium that create aquarium kits prevalent with everyone.

  • Tank size: Three gallons
  • Full Hood with LED Lighting
  • Filtration System – Undergravel Filter with Air Pump
  • Impact-Resistant Acrylic
  • Decorations Not Included

  • This appealing tank usually brighten any room
  • The aquarium kit attributes LED light (including 6 switchable color selections)
  • Kit involves a full bonnet, under-gravel filter, tubing plus air pump
  • The distinctive bonnet turns the same color because the LED light
  • This well-defined seamless aquarium has 360-degree panoramic viewing

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