Making my discuses* grow faster

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Thank you for your time. I hope you do not overlook this question. I’ve bought my discuses* for about a month and I’ve been feeding them:(Alternatively)

1. Red worms & brine shrimps
2. Beef heart and normal food flake(not tetra)

But, they don’t seem to be growing. =( I was wondering; maybe it’s the food I’m giving that is responsible for its slow growth. Your advice on this question would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

1. You did not mention how big are your fish. Are they babies, middle size, adult fish. Their growing rate is different in different sizes.

2. Do you actually measure and record their growth?

3. The rate and the materials you are feeding them are already adequate. If they eat, they must be growing.

4. Do you see them eating?

5.1. Red worms & brine shrimps.
Yes, all fish like red worms. In fact they like it very much. They will eat definitely. But brine shrimps are for fry to eat. When the fry start eating brine shrimps, you can see them growing everyday. Above 1″ of fish they don’t eat it. They don’t feel what they eat. Its too small for them.

5.2. Beef heart and normal food flake
Beef heart is extremely good for the discus fish. They will grow very well. Practically most of the breeders feed their discus with beef heart. If they eat definitely they will grow. Fish after you feed them with red worms or beef heart they would not like to eat flake. If you need to feed them with flake then you must train them to eat flake. Feed them when they are very hungry.

6. Make sure your fish eat when you feed them, otherwise you keep on feeding you would make the water polluted. The fish will get sick.

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