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I read your news of your site regarding male female discus but i am not clear about the male female discus. Possible to send me some snap of discus which can indicate the male female?

1. Why we want to know whether he or she is a male or a female?
2. Male or female they almost look alike. They are equally look beautiful or attractive. It is not important either it is a male or a female since we can’t differentiate them.
3. Unless you are up to something you have to know their sex. Let say you are a breeder. You want to put this male and that female to do cross breeding.
4. First thing you do is to let the young adults to pair up by themselves. From the pair of two you can easily tell which is a male or female.
5. Refer to our site: Discus care – Breeding – Determine male or female.
6. If you really want to master the sexing of discus fish, you need to put in a lot of time and observation. ( Practice makes perfect)

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