Marine Metal Power Bubbles 12-volt Air Pump

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Marine Metal Power Bubbles 12-volt Air Pump

The Marine Metal Power Bubbles Air Pump arms fishermen with a high-power, low active aerator pump that’s best for crowded livewells or keeping a catch alive. Power Bubbles produces over 99.5% saturation of dissolved oxygen to grow the ability plus efficiency of the livewell. Every pump is tank tested to assure standard plus tailored for both fresh plus saltwater utilize, creating it a favorite amidst bait fishermen. Aerates 1 or 2 live wells as much as 35 gallons with twin bellows plus double outlets. Weighted airstones supply better dissolved oxygen. Mounts conveniently with big adjustable stainless steel clip plus screws. Anti-siphon valves safeguard Power Bubbles pump from water intrusion. Best whenever employed with water renewal systems. Package involves 12 volt air pump, with 6′ 18 AGW energy cord, copper power clips, 10′ airline tubing, 2 big weighted glass bead air stones, 2 anti-siphon valves, T adaptor, adjustable mounting clip plus screws.
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  • High amount twin bellows pumps 5.6 STL/min
  • Widely utilized for catch plus launch tournaments
  • Excellent emergency aquarium pump as much as 100 gallons
  • Easy to install inside boat panel
  • Every device is tank tested to assure quality

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