Marineland ML90655 Precision Heater for Aquarium, 400-watt

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Marineland ML90655 Precision Heater for Aquarium, 400-watt

Get accurate control of your aquarium heat utilizing the Precision Submersible Heater. This Heater integrates a variable heat switch, a higher presence heat show and an higher level home heating element to keep your aquarium liquid within optimal temperature for your freshwater or saltwater fish. The Precision heater also incorporates a thermal switch that may switch off once it rises above an internal pre-set temperature, and converts right back on when it cools down, making your aquarium safer for y

  • This 400 watt heater is actually for aquariums around 125 gallons. Adjustable heat dial allows you to set the heat 1 degree with every simply click.
  • Thermal Switch automatically transforms off as temperature goes up above an interior preset and turns back on as soon as it cools down.
  • The advanced heating factor contains a mica core surrounded by a mesh home heating element for superior temperature transfer with improved durability
  • Advanced installation bracket securely connects to cup and offers 3 window roles to see the temperature display
  • Easy to look at sliding scale tells the exact temperature environment. Top dial view shows the environment from an extra location.

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