Mating, or just fighting?

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I love these fish but i am new at this, so i check your site often- thanks for all the great info!
I have 4 discus in a 44 gallon tall planted tank, 2 brilliant blue and two blue diamond.

brilliant blue #1- largest (4″) healthy-lately this one hides behind the plants in the bottom/back right

brilliant blue # 2- (3″)getting chubby and stays in the back bottom right corner and keeps the others away from there. especially likes to chase #1 around, they face off at each other and flip their bodies at each other, and their beautiful colors come out, but that’s all, no cleaning a place to
spawn, and not even together all the time.

blue diamond #1- very chubby, like it may have eggs…? kind of stays off by itself on the left side of the tank.

blue diamond #2- a skinny ugly guy who doesn’t get involved. looks bad, but eats and behaves normally, swims around and doesn’t seem bothered by the
chasing, etc.

Do you think i need to separate them, or just wait to see what else

Overall your fish is not yet time to mate. They are still small, unless they are stunted.

The behaviour of the brilliant, look like both are male (Flipping). It is too early to separate them. Give them time to grow up.

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