My Discus have dark colour and set in the corner …

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I have a new 60 gal tank that I bought from a trade show that the pet store in town was having. It came with two wild caught green Discuses, I had to move the tank and start it that night it was stressful for the discus and for me. The discuses have been in the tank for 3 weeks and they just set in the corner and hardy move about the aquarium, I was wondering if this is normal. The water in the aquarium is, soft dH 4.48 mg/l, PH 7.5, KH 80 mg/l and the water is tanned with driftwood and peat and softening pillows. The temp is at 83.5 and there are a few plants and I am planning to get more. The discuses are dark in colour and set in the back corner. Is there any think I can do to get them to move around more?

When the fish hide at a corner, it is because of the new environment. She needs time a adjust it.
When she turns dark in color, it indicates she in not feeling well or falling sick.
Put the fish in a hospital tank.
Treat them with acriflavine solution add salt.
Water changed and repeat the treatment for 3 – 4 days.

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