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I’ve kept many fish like silver arowana, mollies, sword tails, guppies , angels etc., and only now I am extremely interested in keeping and breeding THE KING OF AQUARIUMS i.e. the discus fish! i have a 90-gallon(60inx18inx18in tank). I want to know the number of discus that i can keep in my tank and also the filtration needs…. can i keep them healthy with just a penguin internal filter with activated carbon?? or do i have to go for a canister (probably eheim 2215)?? canisters are very expensive and a local fish shopkeeper told me that i can keep discus with the above
mentioned internal filter? Is it ok?? Thanks in advance and waiting for your encouraging reply!!

All living things need oxygen. As long as you aerate the water in the tank the fish will live. How much air you need, depends on the population.
Filters act as to purify the water as well as supplying the air to the tank.

Any filters can achieve the above purposes are good. Yes, what the shopkeeper says is true.

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