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How many hours can discus stay in a bag how much damage can be done if the temperature gets down to 65 degrees while being shipped and how many heat pads would you use if outside temperature got down to 40 degrees.

1. How long the fish can stay in the oxygen bags depends on:
a. How much oxygen you put in.
b. How many fish in the bags.
c. What is temperature in and outside the bags?
d. The environment where the bags are.
e. Normally we pack our fish in 4.5 inch bag, with oxygen, fish and
water at 8 or 9 inch height it can easily last for one week at
temperature below 80.

2. Heat pads:
a. Temperature above 80 degrees: No heat pads
b. Temperature 60 ? 80 (1 pad)
c. 40 ? 60 (2pads)
d. It also considers the distance or how long the journey.

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