Pair Fighting after Spawn

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My LSS pair always fight after spawning. Both are fighting to guard the eggs. So far only one successful hatch but the fry were all eaten after I made a water change. The female lays egg almost every week at the bottom of the tank but all the eggs are eaten after second day.

Pls advise what should I do in order to have successful hatches.

The pair always fights after spawning.
It is quite normal but not a good pairing.
The eggs should be covered as soon as the spawning is over.
They can fight wanting to guide the eggs but the eggs are well protected.
It takes 4 days to hatch. During these days, hopefully they have come to the agreement; no fight. Let us take care the larvae.
If they still fight after hatching, then take out one of them.
For the next spawning break them and pair up with others.
Keep it up. You will make it one day.

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