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I have 2 mature pigeon blood discus (male & female) and a week ago the female had what looked like a clear tube (2 inches) protruding from underneath her. After 4 days she rubbed it off and now she is very sick and will not eat. I’m not sure if the tube was a worm or possibly her egg tube and I’m not sure how to treat her. The male started picking on her, so I put a divider in the tank. What should I do next? She seems to want to survive.

Discus fish hobbyists often ask:
a) Why my discus fish won’t eat?
b) Why my discus fish eats but won’t grow?
c) Why my discus fish color very dull?

Why discus fish not eating?

a) Why discus fish refuse to eat? Most of the time people often say. They don’t like this food. They like that food. Actually healthy discus fish eat anything you give, when they are hungry. If they don’t eat, there must be something wrong. Its the fish, not the food. Then what happens to the fish? They have no appetite to eat. What makes them no appetite? The parasites. The internal parasites. WORM

b) Why the discus fish eat but they don’t grow. When the fish eats the food, the food turns into nutrition for the fish to grow. But they eat and do not grow. Where has the food gone to? I think we should blame the worm.

c) My discus fish look very dull. The color doesn’t look attractive. They eat and grow. Even we enhance them. It doesn’t have much improvement. Why? There is a block. Who is responsible for it? I think we should blame the worm.

I keep dogs. Every month I treat them worm table. If I don’t do so, she will slow down in eating. Sometimes she refuses to eat. She loses weight. She becomes moody and not active. Her fur looks dull. She will recover after treating them worm tables. Every three months, I treat them with heartworm tablet too.

So, we should treat the discus fish the same. We must de worm them every month. The fish eat tubifex worm and bloodworm. There is no ways to avoid the parasite grows. I used to treat all my fish and get rids of worms every month. They eat and grow. They look attractive.

The white faeces show internal parasites.
Treat them either antibiotic or metronidazole.
Increase the salt content in the water.

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