Penn Plax 40/55 Gallon Aquarium Premium Under Tank Filter

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Penn Plax 40/55 Gallon Aquarium Premium Under Tank Filter

Penn-Plax® ClearFree® Premium Undergravel Aquarium Filters keep the aquarium water clean & crystal well-defined. Available inside models for standard aquarium tanks from 5 gallons to 55 gallons, ClearFree® Undergravel Filters are simple to assemble plus come with all the required Filt-A-Carb® cartridges to keep a water lookin breathtaking. The Filt-A-Carb® cartridges (included) employ triggered carbon to eliminate dangerous gases, odors plus discoloration, as well as the even filtration draws water by the entie gravel bed. High pore air diffusers heighten bubble flow when the jumbo adjustables 1″ lift tubes permit for acceptional filtration plus is employed with powerheads. The adjustable tubes let we to set the height to match the water level plus collar caps cover the lift tubes whenever not used keeping a fish secure. Base plates are slotted & sloped for largest efficiency as well as the sure-fit lock shape insures the lift tubes are secure. The Gravel Guard® keeps fish plus gravel from getting beneath a filter plates thus there are no worries. Easy to keep, ClearFree® Premium Undergravel Aquarium Filters may keep a aquarium water crystal obvious. Available inside models for 5, 10, 20, 29 & 55 gallon standard aquarium tanks. Four panel 55 gallon filter covers a 11-1/2″x 46″ region.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Trouble free Maintenance
  • Keeps the Tank Looking Crystal Clear

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