Penn Plax PBV1 7-Day Vacation Fish Feeder

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Penn Plax PBV1 7-Day Vacation Fish Feeder

Wondering the way you will feed the fish when you’re about holiday? Here is the answer. 7 day, holiday feeder which is the best product whenever you ought to feed the fish when traveling. Tablet item permits you an ample food supply for about a week for the fish. Each time-release block may feed a 10 to 15 gallon aquarium for about 7 days. Made with Pro Balance top-quality fish food. Contains fish favorites like tubifex, plus bloodworm together with imperative vitamins, plus minerals, assuring a fish are getting all compounds they require when you’re away. Place one block inside a aquarium, as well as the block might gradually dissolve releasing the wholesome freeze-dried foods.
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  • 7 Day, Vacation Feeder That Is The Ideal Product Whenever We Want To Feed The Fish While Traveling
  • Each Time-release Block Can Feed The 10 To 15 Gallon Aquarium For Up To 7 Days
  • Made With Pro Balance High-quality Fish Food
  • Contains Fish Favorites Like Tubifex, And Bloodworm Along With Essential Vitamins, And Minerals
  • Place One Block In The Aquarium, And The Block Will Slowly Dissolve Releasing The Nutritious Freeze-dried Foods

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