Penn Plax Small World Filter Unit and Substitution Cartridge for Small Tanks

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Penn Plax Small World Filter device and substitution Cartridge for Small Tanks

Tiny globe aquarium filters are created specifically for small aquariums of sizes and shapes around 5 gallons. Quick & easy to install, small globe tank filters maintain your liquid crystal clear while eliminating contaminants and keeping an excellent environment for the fish. The little world aquarium filter & pump system includes everything you need to offer filtration for your little tank. This kit includes a 110vac air pump, filter, installing bracket and tubing. An easy task to put in, the fi

  • Assists in maintaining your little aquarium healthy and looking beautiful
  • Specifically created for small aquariums as much as 5 gallons
  • Includes air pump, filter, mounting bracket & tubing
  • Clears discoloration and removes harmful pollutants & odors
  • High quality carbon/zeolite cartridge for chemical filtration and a foam block filter for technical & biological filtration

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