Perfecto Glass Canopy 48 Inch

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Perfecto Glass Canopy 48 Inch

A Perfecto Glass canopy is great method to decrease evaporation plus keep fish from bouncing from the aquarium inside either salt or freshwater tanks. It also assists prolong the lifetime of the light fixture by safeguarding it from dampness. For protection all glass edges are seamed. These canopies are the affordable, yet fashionable method to top off the aquarium. With a polypropylene hinge for simple access to the tank, and a plastic back strip which is cut for heaters, filters, etc., these canopies supply flexible plus long-lasting performance. Dimensions shown below are for glass just. The rubber hinge plus back strip may guarantee right coverage whenever canopy is installed. Please select a canopy based on dimensions plus aquarium capability. Made to match Perfecto Aquariums plus standard aquarium sizes indexed under. Available in: 16 inside. (5 1/2 Gallons) Dimensions:15 5/16 x 5 7/8 20 inside. (10 Gallons) Dimensions: 19 1/4 x 7 3/4 24 inside. (15 Gallons/20H) Dimensions: 23 1/8 x 9 3/4 25 inside. (29 Gallons/20L) Dimensions: 29 1/8 x 9 3/4 36 inside. (25 Gallons/40H) Dimensions: 35 3/16″ x 9 5/8 48 inside. (55/60 Gallons) Dimensions: 23 x 9 5/8 (2 Pieces)
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  • A crystal well-defined glass canopy delivers the location for the light to sit when permitting convenient access to the tank.
  • The stunning crystal well-defined glass enables the light to cast the many all-natural plus unhampered light on a aquarium.

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