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I recently found that one of my fish had gill flukes and so I read about them in one of my books and they sound very serious, when I asked my local fish store about it they acted like it
was not a big deal. They gave me meds and told me one treatment would be enough but according to the book I have this sounds very life threating but the book didn’t elabrate on long term care. Will this spread through the tank? do they come from the gravel? Should I replace gravel or take out completetly?┬áIs there a nutrition regimine I could use to bring everyone back to good health? I have a 55 with 5 discus. Biggest is 5″ smallest is 3.5″


Gill fluke is quite common in discus.
In those days may be but it is not a big deal nowadays.

All big problems begin from small problems.
If leaves uncared, it will spread to all others.
They will die of suffocating.

They are parasites attacking the gill.
The gill will be damaged and cannot breathe.

The best treatment for gill fluke is Potassium Permanganate.
Formalin is risky in handling.

Potassium Permanganate

Parasites like polluted and dirty water.
Clean water will get rid of parasites.

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