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I bought 4 small-medium size discus 10 days ago and put them in a 35 gallons tank. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, PH 6.6 temperature 84F and I change 50% of water daily. 2 of the four discus are not eating. I feed them frozen bloodworms and beef heart and the other two discus eat normaly. Please advise me what to do to get all the discus to eat. Why don’t the 2 discus eat?

1. Your water condition is normal, which is required by the discus fish.
2. Why they don’t eat? Are they scared? Any things to frighten them?
3. Could be the location of the tank is not right. A lot of activities or movements?
4. Fix an overhead lighting onto the tank. They will feel better.
5. Bloodworm should be ok for the start, and then carry on with the beef-heart.
6. REMEMBER, do not overfeed your fish.
7. Make sure the other 2 fish are not sick.
8. If they are not well, surely they don?t eat.
9. Treat them with Acriflavine and salt after water changed for three days.

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