Petco Black Lagoon Aquarium Gravel, 5 lbs.

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Petco Black Lagoon Aquarium Gravel, 5 lbs.

Petco Black Lagoon Aquarium GravelPetco aquarium gravel is perfect for freshwater plus secure for sea aquariums. This really is a good quality, non-toxic gravel which assists help inside the propagation of beneficial bacteria. It won’t affect the water’s chemistry or damage any aquatic existence (fish, invertebrates, or plants). Create a healthy environment for a fish by combining gravel, vegetation, plus decor, that supply cover plus hiding places.

  • Aids inside propagation of beneficial bacteria
  • Adds level plus beauty to aquariums, water gardens, ponds plus terrariums
  • Made of non-toxic fish-safe contents plus colors
  • Safe for employ inside freshwater plus sea environments
  • For maximum results, employ 2 lbs. of gravel per each 1 gallon of water

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