Petco Brooklyn 10 Gallon Metal Tank Stand

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Petco Brooklyn 10 Gallon Metal Tank Stand

Petco Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – Premium Aquarium Stand plus Fish Tank Stand Display the aquarium or terrarium found on the elegant plus strong Petco Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand. This quality aquarium stand is produced with strong steel. Durable contents plus standard construction create this fish tank stand a practical part of aquarium furniture which is made to last.The Petco Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is obtainable in a range of models to support your necessities. Whether you have a 10 gallon aquarium or perhaps a 55 gallon terrarium, you are capable to obtain an appropriate stand for the pet. Be sure to choose the right terrarium or aquarium stand size which is right for a tank. Additionally check the fish tank stand dimensions to guarantee the number one fit with the tank plus room.The contemporary shape of the Petco Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, completed inside black, makes it an perfect addition to any house or workplace. The steel framework of the aquarium stand is left uncovered, generating the strong shape appear open plus airy. While it really is built to be sturdy, it won’t weigh down a home’s decor. The happen is a flexible fish tank stand which is certain to suit any space inside the house.The Petco Brooklyn Stand is simple to assemble plus keep. Every corner is fitted with adjustable feet to level the stand’s surface before installing a tank.
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  • Made with durable strong steel plus strong construction
  • Fish tank stand attributes adjustable feet for leveling before we add a tank
  • Sleek plus contemporary shape with black finish
  • Looks fantastic with any aquarium or terrarium
  • Available inside a range of models to suit your necessities as well as the size of the tank

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