Pool Basics 2256PB Alkalinity Tester for Pools, 10-Pound

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Pool Basics 2256PB Alkalinity Tester for Pools, 10-Pound

Pool Basics Alkalinity is selected whenever pH degrees fluctuate commonly over a brief time period. A low total alkaline reading is equally indicative of corrosive pool water, a blue or green cast to water plus difficulty inside carrying chlorine residuals. Low alkalinity will result equipment plus plaster damage. If the alkalinity is too low or too significant, the pH of the pool water is difficult to keep inside the right range. To keep pH level stable plus chlorine functioning effectively, total alkalinity reading

  • Maintaining a desirable total alkalinity reading is important to carrying chlorine residuals
  • PH degrees are simpler to control with a corrected total alkalinity
  • Alkalinity works because a buffer, improving the ability of the pool water to resist pH fluctuations

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