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There are shadows in the breeding tanks. How do I position the light and the tanks so that the discus pairs do not eat the fries ? They take care of the fries for a few days and then eat them or some times they eat the eggs on the second or the third day.


Discus fish are very sensitive to shadows. They feel scare if shadows fall on them they start jumpy. They eat up the eggs or babies. Actually they want to swallow them into the mouth to protect them then accidentally they . . . . . .

If the location of the tank is not right and you don’t have any other better locations then you can fix an overhead lighting on to your tank. Minimize the activities or movements near the tank.

The discus fish works so hard to choose a location, clean it , lay eggs on it, guide the eggs, fan the eggs almost for 24 hours, the urge of wanting babies is so great, how can they eat their babies. There must be a very strong reason for them to do it. Could it be the human factor?

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