Power-Glo Fluorescent Bulb, 8-Watt, 12-Inch

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Power-Glo Fluorescent Bulb, 8-Watt, 12-Inch

The Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb is a excellent strength bulb which delivers rigid illumination needed by corals plus freshwater vegetation. Fish hues are intensified whilst the deep sea spectrum stimulates development of macro sea algae plus different vegetation. Utilize Power-Glo inside a variety of habitats including aquariums, terrariums plus vivariums.

  • T5 HO bulb fits standard plus electrical ballasts; 8 watts
  • Promotes coral, invertebrate plus plant growth
  • High intensity
  • Total illumination for living corals, sea algae plus freshwater plants
  • Service Life – 3000 hours

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