Proper application and dosages of the medication

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In Black disease or discus plague, you said “Proper application and dosages of the medication above is crucial to achieve successful treatment”. So! Please show me: How I do for “”Proper application and dosages of the medication”.

Sorry I cannot give one dosage to apply to all the cases. You will treat every case individually. You have to apply your dosage with try and error method.
If your fish is weak, you will apply lighter dosage and longer period of time. Otherwise you definitely kill your fish.
If your fish is strong, you apply heavier dosage; surely you feel the treatment effective. Because the parasites and bacteria die and your fish still can tolerate.
If you have used Formalin quite often in your farm, your parasite and bacteria will have quite strong resistance to it. Then you have to apply Potassium Permanganate or others.
Anyway you know your babies better than anybody. You will decide your application and dosages.

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