Purina AquaMax Fry Starter 100 Carnivorous Omnivorous Fish food feed Diet 1 lbs

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Purina AquaMax Fry Starter 100 Carnivorous Omnivorous Fish meals feed eating plan 1 lbs

AquaMax® items are developed become high-energy, nutrient thick diet programs. These highly-digestible diets enable fish to better use nutrients which in turn decreases fecal waste and biological load in water. A precision manufacturing process reduces the actual quantity of fine feed dust material that will help keep water high quality by reducing feed waste. Exorbitant feed fines in water-can lodge in fish gills in a few species and entice germs and fungus. By lowering these feed fines, AquaMax

  • 1/32″ / 0.8mm
  • 50per cent Protein, 17per cent Fat, 3percent Fiber, Phosphorus 1.25%, Ash 12percent, include Mineral Ingredients 2.00%
  • work nicely both for Carnivorous & Omnivorous Species
  • Always Fresh! Boats most time same time Monday-Saturday

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