Red Sea Max 130 & 130d Filtration Cover

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Red Sea Max 130 & 130d Filtration Cover

Get we upgraded the light inside the Red Sea Max 130 or 130D? Next we learn how ugly the filtration chambers plus back of the aquarium look. Transform it to a sleek bent black acrylic part. The Filtration Cover can instantaneously conceal the equipment, cords, skimmer cup, probes plus more! Made of good quality black acrylic this cover is simple to wash plus very artistic.
23″ long
3-1/4″ tall
4-9/16″ deep

  • Fits Red Sea Max 130
  • Fits Red Sea Max 130D
  • Hides filtration equipment plus cords. Dampens noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Use when bonnet is removed plus light has been upgraded

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