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After about 12 times of laying eggs I still have few hatchings. Every 15 days the female is laying about a 100 eggs but only nearly 20 hatchings and could not save them neither. I’ve checked PH and dripped it to 6 and GH to 3.5. I even tried to help feeding liquifry knowing they hardly find parents. Is there any other method to obtain better results in hatching and growing fry?

After spawning apply Methylene Blue solution to protect the eggs.
While the fries are small adding any chemical is dangerous.
Liquifry although is a baby food but you have to use it carefully.
It can easily pollute the water.
Newly hatched brine shrimps are best for the fries.
If you cannot get the baby food allow the parents to feed them.
But the parents must be properly fed.

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