RO water for discus or not?

Written by allan on . Posted in Water and Filtration

I am interested in getting into a discus tank, and I was curious is it necessarily to use RO water? or can I use my tap water? I have been doing some reading on freshwater fish and they say
its good to use tap water for freshwater. Also what is recommended to use for fliteration on a 90g discus tank?

We are using direct tap water in our farms.
It is dangerous to use it but it is best for the fish.
It is free from parasites and bacteria.

What you need is the Chlorine Tester and Chlorine Conditioner. (Hypo) Check the content of Chlorine in the incoming water then apply the Chlorine Conditioner accordingly.

Fish need some kind of minerals in the water.
RO water no doubt is clean but lack of minerals.

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