Silent Air® B11 Series Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pumps, Single Outlet, UL Listed

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Silent Air® B11 Series Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pumps, Single Outlet, UL Listed

The Silent Air® B11 Battery Powered Air Pump is a effective plus flexible air pump which may aerate the aquarium throughout a force outage or whenever there is any interruption to a AC energy. A should for any aquarium, the Silent Air® assures continuous aeration of the tank offering we peace of notice plus keeping the fish secure. This air pump offers a tank with required air when the AC energy is interupted. Just connect a Silent Air® pump to the air line or aerating stone, insert 2 “D” size batteries (not included), connect into any AC outlet plus turn the on/off switch to the ON position. The Silent Air® usually today constantly monitor a AC energy to identify any interuption plus can start automatically because required providing the fish with life-saving aeration throughout a power-outage. Designed for extended surgery, the Silent Air® B11 utilizes 2 big “D” size batteries which insures hours of continuous procedure. The Silent Air® delivers enough air for many aquariums as much as 55 gallons inside size plus will additionally be employed for transporting fish or for employ inside temporary tanks whilst cleaning the aquarium. Whether we have a tripped breaker, a blown fuse or complete force outage, the Silent Air® B11 Battery Powered Air Pump offers we hours of required air whenever we require it many. It is suggested which we test the Silent Air® periodically by unplugging the AC cord with all the device ON that must activate a pump. Batteries ought to be tested plus changed because required. The AC energy cord is for force detection just plus will likely not charge a batteries. Requires 2 Alkaline “D” batteries (not included) which will offer full energy for as much as 48 hours depending found on the lifetime of the batteries. Length of procedure with power energy might differ depending found on the standard plus age of the batteries chosen. Placing device about a shock absorbing surface usually reduce vibrational sound. Measures 5.5″Hx 3″Wx 2″D plus has a 5′ force cord for simple location.
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  • Reliable plus lengthy durable perfomance throughout a energy outage.
  • The ººbubblesºº come ON whenever the force goes off!
  • Detects any reduction of AC force plus turns about automatically.
  • Attractive & compact shape fits virtually anywhere.
  • Requires 2 “D” size batteries (not included).

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