Stirlingtech Solar Power Pond Oxygenator Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Pool Fishpond Fish Tank Pet Fish

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Stirlingtech Solar Power Pond Oxygenator Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Pool Fishpond Fish Tank Pet Fish

Package:stirlingtech® package stirlingtech LOGO stickered.

Notice:please drive force switch “ON” before we employ it!
The solar panel color perhaps varies from different batch of goods,

please pay attention.

The device powered with a solar panel refuses to need any wiring,

guaranteeing a fast plus effortless installation. The oxygenator helps you to

restore oxygen degrees in almost any garden pond throughout the summer months,

guaranteeing a clean plus algae-free pond, plus healthy fish plus pond lifetime.

The solar panel ought to be located inside a effectively lit region to confirm exposure

to sunshine, plus associated to the primary device before the airstones are

dropped into the pond.

Durable plastic exterior

2pc 1.50m clear air pipes

Suitable for little to medium sized ponds

Simple to install – no wiring

No running costs

Can be left outside all year round

Size: regarding 18*12*8cm
Keeps fish plus pond-life healthy
Helps keep the pond clean plus algae free
Oxygenate the garden pond throughout the warm summer months whenever the

water oxygen degrees are low
Oxygenate a garden pond with all the force of the sun
Manufactured for Great Ideas
It could function another hr following day dark because there is rechargeable

power inside,and the power drive the oxygenator.
please make certain the solar pump be kept level or it won’t run

smooth or stop.
air output:1.6L/Minute

Package Included:
1 x Oxygenator(rechargeable power inside)
1 x solar panel
2 x transparent air pipes with blue stone

1 x 1 bracket for solar panel stand up.

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