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I hear a lot about ro units being the best way to prepare tap water for discus breeding. I would like to start breeding discus in tap water filtered through carbon and peat, is this method ok or am I better off using an ro unit. Will I get the same hatch rate using this type of prepared tap water. I would appreciate your honest advice.

1.We in Malaysia mostly use tap water to raise our discus. It is 100% ok.
Some use under ground water or mix with tap water. Practically they are almost the same. The pH differs from 6.0 to 7.5.

2.The only different is: Using tap water, you need to use water conditioner to get rid of chlorine. Using under ground water, you need to put chlorine to kill germs, bacteria and parasite. Then you apply water conditioner like tap water.

3.Carbon and peat, looks good in your water filtration. But eventually it gives you problems like holes in the head, fin burns????. (Lack of minerals and some trace element), so need to add in minerals and vitamin in their diet for their health and growth.

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