Tetra 16194 Bloodworms, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml

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Tetra 16194 Bloodworms, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml

Perfect for delivering out the greatest vitality plus condition inside a Bettas plus fancy guppies. Nutritious Supplements from Tetra Tetra has been revolutionizing plus improving fish nutrition because the company’s birth inside Germany inside 1951. Because which time, Tetra has developed the most comprehensive bodies of flake fish food knowledge inside the globe. A full team of biologists, chemists, plus nutritionists constantly research plus discover what keeps fish thriving plus living extended, healthy lives. Tetra ha

  • A Nutritious Supplement to Tetra Flake Foods
  • Also terrific because a reward for little plus medium-sized tropical plus sea fish
  • Freeze dried

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