Tetra 16837 BettaSafe Water Conditioner, 1.69-Ounce, 50-Ml

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Tetra 16837 BettaSafe Water Conditioner, 1.69-Ounce, 50-Ml

Bettasafe neutralizes dangerous ingredients inside tap water
All-in-One Formula Keeps Water Safe: BettaSafe Water Carer is an all-in-one formula which functions to keep the aquarium water secure plus healthy for the Betta. This easy-to-use conditioner detoxifies dangerous ammonia inside tap water, neutralizes chlorine, chloramines plus thick metals, plus qualities strain reducing slime. How it Works: Tap water plus perfectly water contain hazardous substances like chlorine, chloramine, plus thick metals which should be n

  • Provides complete plus quick acting water conditioning for Betta fish
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, plus thick meatals inside tap water
  • Adds a defensive slime coating

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