Tetra 19542 EasyStrips 6-in-1 Test Strips, 25-Count

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Tetra 19542 EasyStrips 6-in-1 Test Strips, 25-Count

Results for chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, general hardness (GH), alkalinity (KH) and pHReactions stop at 60 seconds; other brands keep developing, which can cause higher readings
Keep Your Tank Healthy Maintaining a healthy, safe aquarium environment for your fish is important, and regularly testing your water levels in the aquarium is critical to success. EasyStrips are a perfect solution. By quickly testing for all water quality issues in your aquarium water, EasyStrips provide accurate


  • With Tetraâ(TM)s EasyStrips, Itâ(TM)s Now More Convenient to Test Your Water
  • More accurate hardness test
  • Reaction stops in 60 seconds to prevent false higher readings

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