Tetra 26313 Whisper EX 70 Filter, 45-70-Gallon

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Tetra 26313 Whisper EX 70 Filter, 45-70-Gallon

Whisper EX 70 filter

What a Wonderful World

The Whisper EX Series Filtration Systems take the ease of preserving an aquarium
to a complete fresh level for novices to hobbyists likewise. From its innovative
utilize of Timestrip technologies to the new-patented carbon filter carrier, each
hot feature inside this program had been made with simplicity plus efficiency
in your mind. This really is really the intuitive filtration program which keeps
a water clean plus a fish plus vegetation healthy. With 4 models accessible, you
are certain to locate 1 which accommodates a aquarium size.

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These are the 4 WhisperEX Filter models accessible to we which come largely
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The WhisperEX Filter conveniently hangs found on the back of the tank.
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The Bio-Scrubber assists guarantee crystal well-defined water.

The Essence of Ease

It is prepared to go proper from the box, we just need to change the consumption
tube to the right level plus connect it inside. No priming of the filter is essential.
The Whisper EX models come with Timestrips which tell we whenever the carbon
filter should be changed — just change the cartridge whenever the Timestrip changes
from white to red, indicating the carbon has been chosen up. Timestrips come
free with every filter as well as the substitution cartridges. All you ought
to do is hit firmly found on the switch plus timing can start.

There is an simple access door found over the filter which remains inside
area whilst changing out the filter cartridges as well as the Filter Cartridge
Carrier assists keep the hands away from chosen cartridges, assisting eliminate
any unwelcome drips. The Whisper EX Filters have a submerged engine requiring
less repair than many other outside models when creating the most quiet filters

The Contour of Clean

Whisper EX Filtration Systems have scientifically designed water flow. The
rounded form creates a circular water flow which prevents sediment from forming
inside the bottom of the program room. Water is forced from multi-density carbon
filters which suspend the carbon for better contact plus improved filtration.
The filters are created with a multi-density floss structure which catches a
range of unwelcome particles. The Activated Carbon inside the Filter Cartridges
enable for the removal of odors, water discolorations, plus damaging toxins.
Whisper EX models have Tetra’s patented Bio-Scrubber technologies. The bristles
of the Bio- Scrubber supply more surface location for biological conversion of
poisonous ammonia plus nitrites to harmless compounds as well as the shape of
the Bio-Scrubber Cartridge enables it to be almost clog-free. The Whisper EX
Filtration Systems have the innovative technologies which offers the many water
contact-to-filter ratio. This will provide we the best inside water standard,
plus fish plus plant wellness.


Sign up for TetraCare® to aid we succeed inside the fish-keeping endeavor.
This really is a free system with all the buy of these aquarium systems plus
offers on-line plus over the telephone help. When we register, you’ll get specifically
timed e-mails to guide we by the initial six months of the aquarium experience
plus beyond. Free direct access to the TetraCare® Team is simply a call away.
Simply call 1-800-423-6458. Help is accessible 7 days a week.

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The WhisperEX Medium plus Large Carbon Filter Refills come inside 2 plus 4
pack types.

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  • Designed for Utilize about Aquariums Up to 70-GallonUses 2 Large Carbon Filters
  • Uses Large Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges
  • Ready to employ proper from the box Timestrip development included

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