Tetra 77848 Whisper 40 Aquarium Air Pump, as much as 40-Gallon

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Tetra 77848 Whisper 40 Aquarium Air Pump, about 40-Gallon

Whisper air pumps offer reliable service at an affordable expense. Efficient plus easy-to-use, Whisper air pumps will handle the aeration demands of aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons.

Tetra Whisper Air Pumps Assist Keep The Tank Quiet

Tetra Whisper Air Pumps keep the aquarium oxygen degrees high, assisting keep a fish healthy. And with 7 different sized pumps, there is certain to be 1 which is ideal for the aquarium. This line of air pumps has a special dome form plus rubber feet. This flattens sound wave frequencies plus assists avoid them from reflecting off of surfaces including tables plus shelves, permitting the pump to make minimal sound. Whisper Air Pumps is selected inside deep tanks (about 8 feet deep), plus have enough strength to energy lengthy decorator air stones, numerous air stones inside 1 or even more tanks, plus protein skimmers for salt water aquariums. Every Tetra pump additionally comes with a life limited warranty.

What Size is Right for Me?

Product Aquarium Size
Whisper Air Pump 10 Up to 10 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 20 Up to 20 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 40 Up to 40 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 60 Up to 60 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 100 Up to 100 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 150 Up to 150 Gallons
Whisper Air Pump 300 Up to 300 Gallons

Whisper Pumps Produce a More Oxygenated Aquarium

Tetra’s Whisper pumps may keep both we plus the underwater neighbors happy. The pumps offer oxygen, that is advantageous for a fish plus tank, and offer water movement. Combining these 2 advantages usually cause greater water conditions overall. The underwater bubbles yielded by the machine additionally add a mesmerizing touch improving the appearance of the aquarium. These pumps are the many effective line which Tetra provides, guaranteeing you are getting the greatest standard pump accessible.


Sign up for TetraCare to aid we succeed inside the fish-keeping endeavor. This really is a free system with all the buy of these aquarium systems plus offers on-line plus over the telephone help. When we register, you’ll get specifically timed emails to guide we from the initial six months of the aquarium experience plus beyond. Free direct access to the TetraCare Team is merely a call away. Simply call 1-800-423-6458. Help is accessible 7 days a week.

  • For Utilize inside Aquariums Up to 40-Gallon
  • Minmal sound with maximum air flow
  • Has sound damping chambers with a dome form to flatten sound wave frequencies

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