Treating mold on eggs

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Can you tell me if there is anything else I can use to stop mold forming on the eggs – egg white spot treatment. Some of the eggs turn white then form a mold which in 2 days covers the rest of the good eggs then they get eaten. Have tried meth blue but does not seem to prevent it. Water is ph6.2, tds 100, kh and gh approx 1,  temp 30. Would it be ok to remove white eggs myself or would it be too much disturbance?


The unfertile eggs turn white become fungus. The fungus spread and damages the good eggs. Methylene Blue (Pure) is best to control fungus.
Most of the breeders use this. The one you buy from aquarium shop is especially for white spot.

Do you use wire mesh to cover the eggs? Yes, it would be disturbance to them. Let the Blue solution and wire mesh help you.

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