Often we are asked by tropical fish hobbyist and importers from various countries “Why are most of the tropical fish farms in Malaysia located in the state of Penang and are there any other tropical fish farms from other states in Malaysia?” …

Penang is well known all over the world for producing quality and beautiful new strains of discus. Other states in Malaysia, for example Perak, is known for breeding goldfish and our neighboring country Singapore, is known for guppies.

Tropical fish breeding in Penang started from breeding angel fish which comes from the same family – cichlids family. They have similar growth and breeding patterns. Both are egg layers, they care for their eggs, hatch their eggs, protect and care for their babies.

With the advantage of getting good water quality from Penang’s water works department, breeding tropical fish is easy. Being at the heart of Malaysia’s semiconductor industry, Penang’s water works department supplies water with little or no chlorine and with the right PH. Changing water can be done several times a day as it does not needs to be treated to the right tropical fish living conditions. Tropical fish farms in Penang were soon breeding angel fish by the thousands, selling them for RM 0.10 each for sizes from 1 cm to 1.5 cm.

Later when discus were introduced to tropical fish farms in Penang, with the same cost of breeding angel fish but at a higher selling price in dollars instead of cents, the news spread. Tropical fish farms in Penang quickly converted their farms and thus Penang became the highest concentration of discus farms in Malaysia.

Tropical fish farms in other parts of Malaysia did not have the water quality enjoyed by tropical fish farms in Penang. Many of them hesitated to convert their farms because of unsuccessful attempts or lack of experience. Those who persisted chose to partner with farms in Penang. As they learn from trial and error the correct PH, water hardness and how to control ammonia nitrate without expensive treated water changes, their farms successfully began breeding discus.

Today tropical fish discus farms can be found all over Malaysia and Malaysia continues to be the best place to source for quality and new strains –

“Malaysia discus is among the top in the world!!!!” 

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