Very sick discus

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I have 8 discus in a 125 gal. tank, along with 2 cory cats and 3 dwarf plecos. All was well for about 4 months. Now, 3 of my discus have the clamped fins, very rapid breathing. and look as if all their body slime is gone two also have eyes clouded over. but, no white pheces to speak of. What can i do????
Your fish is suffering from a very serious bacteria infection (Clamped fins,
cloudy eyes) and Gill Fluke (Breathing rapidly).

You should quarantine them in a hospital tank.
Give them a Potassium Permanganate bath.
Then apply Formalin plus Methylene Blue solution to the hospital tank.
Dosage: 100 liters of tank water / 2 to 3 ml. of Formalin.
Repeat this for three days.

Day 4 – 6
Treat them with Acriflavine solution plus salt.

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