Water Change

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I need a detailed description about how to change the water in my tank. Its a 29 gallon fresh h2o tank and I need to know how and what temp water to put in it.

1.Let’s say the water level is 12″.
2.And you want 100% water changed.
3.Siphon or let go 8″ of water, and then turn on the in coming water.
4.Carry on siphoning the remainder 4″ of water until you feel that the water is clean. Then you can stop siphoning and slowly top up the water 12″.
5.Add the water conditioner to get rid of chlorine. That’s it.

Water pH and temperature.
1.The pH and water temperature cannot maintain constant all the time.
2.But the fish can adjust the change of pH and temperature to suit them. But the change should be gradual.
3.The tank has 4″ of water. This is the pH and water temperature in the tank. The incoming water you add in has different pH and temperature. You mix them together slowly. The fish will adjust the pH and temperature while you top up the water.

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