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I’m using tap water after 24 hours treatment for chlorine and heating, etc, and the measurements are 2 to 3 (German degrees) hardness and 7,2 PH. Should i find a way to turn the water slightly acid or should i use it as it is, as it is much easier to match the conditions of the tank and new water. Thank you for your attention.

Discus fish is The King Of Aquarium Fish. It is bred in the aquarium with tap water.
Using tap water is no problems at all. Our farm is using 100% tap water direct.
You will manage to apply Chlorine neutralizer to get rid of Chlorine.
Commonly name as hypo.

Water temperature is round about 26 to 30 degrees C.
The pH over there is almost the same as ours. Our water is ranged at 7.00 to 7.50.
When water changed is 7.5 and next day is about 7.0. You need not put the pH down unless you want to do for breeding purposes.
Wild caught discus is doing well at pH around 5.0. If you want to breed them you have to bring pH down to 5.0 or even lower to 4.5.
Use acid to bring down the pH.

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