Water current (pump too strong)

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I have a 12x12x60 tank and it has a underground filter. my problem is the pump, when it blows the water out from under the gravel, it comes out very strong making the discus very stress, they tend to hide in the corner, what should I do?. also I have 2 4 1/2 inches discus (wild brown snake) that seems to be getting along very well with each other. How do I distinguished male from female. I want breed them but I don’t know what to do . I see the store owner put a red brick in the tank , how should I proceed, what treatment should I buy to mix with water,? I only have stress syme and amquel to treat chorine, choramine, amonia,.pls.advice,..

1.You have a control to adjust the airflow. You can control the air blows out slowly. Actually discus fish don’t mind of strong current.
2.The tank is 5 feet long. You can fix the blowing air one corner. Either left or right-hand side. It seems the source of water comes from one side where the air blows. The fish like it.
3.If they always stay together, and get along very well, it quite possible they are going to pair up.
4.Watch them closely. When they are guarding one territory; chasing others away; cleaning up their territory. Yes they should be a pair.
5.To distinguish male and female is not an easy task. Of course there are many ways to do that when they are matured.
6.Let the nature takes its course. They know themselves very well. Once the female is ready. There will be males, which are also ready to fight among themselves to get her. The winner will spawn with her. Since both the female and male are ready and if they spawn, it will be a successful spawning. If you pick male and female and force them together, they can’t agree to each other. They will fight.

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