Were my discus inexperienced to take care of their fry?

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I have a pair of cobalt blue discus, the female started to lay eggs few months ago but only these last 2 times have been fertilized and only 6 of them hatched. First ones they didn’t let them feed from them and died. After 3 days from the first hatching another egg laying was made, few eggs and few hatched. She was again preparing to lay eggs, I’ve caught the fry and tried to feed them myself in liquifry but unsuccessful. Now good number of eggs seems to be fertilized and nearly 60 seems to hatch. Was it that normal she was laying eggs every 6 days? If she will start cleaning again what shall I do with the fry?

It is true that your fish is still new to take care of the fry.
They have to try a few attempts to be expert.
In fact, breeding discus is not that hard.
First you have to protect the eggs with the wire mesh.
Apply Methylene Blue solution.
Do not disturb them. They will fan and hatch the eggs.
From larvae to free swimming, let the parents take care of their babies.
About one week free swimming you can start feeding them with newly hatched brine shrimps. Then you can feed them daphnia and chopped worm.

It is normal that they will lay eggs within one week. If you have other pair of fish having small numbers of babies of about same size, you can transfer the babies to make them foster-parents to look after them.

To feed them liquilfry you must be very careful. It will pollute the water.
Keep it up.

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