What kind of food are best for speed growing up of discus fish?

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Please let me know what kind of food are best for speed growing up of discus fish? and how to get beautiful colours for discus (what kind of food). Somebody told me on internet that fish from different farms receive hormones for good colours- is it true? By the way something about me: i am hobbyist and i have 200 l aquarium with 12 discus different kinds (blue diamond , alanquer,malboro red ,red royal)in aquarium with plants.

Food For Discus
1. There is no one type of food that considers best for the discus in its progress in growth.
2. They need certain food for certain period or stage in their growth.
3. When he is a fry, he feeds from their parents (a).
4. One week later he eats Brine shrimp (b).
5. Two weeks later, he eats daphnia (c).
6. Two weeks later he eats daphnia and worm (d)
7. From one and half month old onwards, he eats worm and fish burgle (e).

Discus Color
1. You want beautiful colors for your discus. Then make burger follow our recipe.
2. Your fish will become very colorful. In our ingredients we have natural enhancer in the food. Please refer to our web site Discus food.

1. Yes. It is a very common practice in many fish farms.
2. They do it because of market demand. Colorful discus sells faster.

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