What to do after laying eggs?

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My 2 first ever discus have laid eggs but I’m not sure what to do…can i leave fry with their parents without having to fed any BBS? I was told they can find and eat things in the tank by themselves with no additional help is this correct?
i am too afraid to take them out of their natural environment as i may loose them.

1. Congratulation!
2. Yes. You can leave them alone for the first 10 days.
3. The parents will look after their babies.
4. By nature they will get food from their parents.
5. Do not remove them.
6. When they are about 1/4 inch, feed them with brine shrimp or daphnia.
7. When 1/2 inch, feed them with worms. (Chopped)
8. When they can take worms, you can separate them.

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